My wife is PMR, and whenever we go on vacation I get many doubts, since both in Europe, the old Europe cradle of civilization, and in America, after contracting hotels “adapted” or “accessible” when I arrive I find that the bathroom has a bathtub, or that the door is narrow and I must do two transfers chair-chair to enter, as little. Also, I never get help for ADL, so more than vacation, for me it turns out to be forced labor.

Within our dream of self-sustainable community, one of the sources of income will come from sharing the typical guest room as holiday apartments, with ALL necessary services included.

Not only the room will be perfectly adapted to be an exact copy of the ones we are using, but we will offer the necessary aids, the bath in our therapeutic pool, the meals in our social center, and to be able to live and share a few days with our community .

These people will see how we have an inclusive community, which gives opportunities for full inclusion to people with disabilities, and will be our best commercial ambassadors. For us, it will represent not only a source of income and work, but an enriching activity that allows us to communicate with people from other languages, and share a few hours with them.

In addition, we will be obliged to be under the seal of quality of the ENAT (European Network accessible Tourism), and we will participate in the seal “La Palma for all” together with other tourism companies facilitating the access of PMR to all the wonders of our island .


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