Benefits of pool treatment, hydrotherapy
The benefits of hydrotherapy are a product of the sensation of pleasure produced by water.
Due to its main characteristic, which is to be a medium where gravity is lower. That is what we call “flotation”. People who enter the water the first thing they notice is how their body weighs less. In patients with muscular or joint alterations and even in neurological alterations in which motor skills and manual dexterity have been lost, in the water those capacities are improved by supposing less effort, than if we did it on the mainland.

Another of the benefits offered by physiotherapy recovery work in the pool water is the physical resistance offered by water to movement. This resistance when we move inside the pool we will use it to favor the muscular toning of the different muscle groups deficit.

A benefit of all known, is the muscle relaxation that occurs in stressed muscles, especially the dorsum – back and pelvic area, by the large static charges to which we subject our erector muscles and trunk stabilizers, typical of bipedal individuals such as humans .

Finally, highlight the benefit of socialization that involves conducting group activities within the therapeutic pool. The pool and its water element offers the guarantee that traumatic injuries are not caused.


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