To grow old with satisfaction we have to prepare ourselves, accept the changes that this situation entails, and trace a path where our horizon adapts to our life. Many studies consider that people without activities have a higher risk of producing dementias.

That activities? physical activities, gymnastics, swimming, walks, games; others related to the cognitive area; memory, board games, attention, calculation; of expression and communication; theater; of plastic arts; workshops of mandalas, crafts, decoration; excursions, movies, visits to cultural centers; online trips, videoconferences, musical auditions; beauty, huertoterapia and spiritual workshops.

Aging is a challenge that must be faced by ensuring that older people enjoy equality, without barriers, of all their rights as citizens. We must fight against abuses, violence in the elderly, discrimination due to age, dependency, disability, and make visible that the current system of protection of human rights highlights the positive contributions made to their families and society in general.

Instead of the apartheid of the residence, we think that collaborative housing, friendship and solidarity between equals are now the way.


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