Guadalupe Brito, Hispanic-Venezuelan, born in Caracas (Venezuela), 58 years old, 8 years ago in a wheelchair. Retired; She worked for 14 years as a counselor at the Humboldt School in Caracas.


Joan Mompó, Spanish, born in Barcelona (Spain). 64 years-Retired, he worked as an electrical-electronic engineer in Fecsa-Endesa, EMSSA and Aguas de Barcelona.



Rogelio Ruiz, Architect in Urban Planning by the ETS of Architecture of Madrid in 2002, with Outstanding qualification in P.F.C. ‘Auditoriums for Music in Rotterdam’. Erasmus scholarship 1996-97 at the Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze (Italy).

Professor of Installations at ETSAM since 2009 and Construction Materials at the ESAYA of the Universidad Europea Madrid (2006-2009). Diploma of Advanced Studies by the ETSAM in 2009, now develops his doctoral thesis The Acoustics of the Cathedral of Toledo: The Spanish cathedral as a sound project

Professional activity started in 2002 collaborating with A. Perea and the Engineering Euroestudios S.L. Coordinator of the Theater of Music Project in the City of Culture of Galicia in Santiago de Compostela (2003-200 and Modified 2009) for UTE Andrés Perea-Euroestudios S.L. (Arch. P. Eisenman).